Saturday, 10 November 2012

Primrose Path

All I asked was to meet
Shake some hands and greet
But he didn’t walk the street
Stuck to his hotel suite

I drove here quite so long
How could he be aplomb
This lead to a strife
Between me and his wife

"You are a friend of mine
Let us not combine
Choice is his not to meet
He need not come and greet"

I said "this attitude is not right
We should keep it straight
I am his friend too
We have had a chat or two"

"Take a simple path
Needs no complex math
Let go" was her advice
Guided by some inner wise

Simple was her only saying
But not the actual doing
As she brought up my wife
Referring to our past life

It seemed like hypocrisy
Of self assumed aristocracy
Should I bell this cat
Or hit it on its face flat?

But I stuck to present facts
For which she reacts
Choosing a few words
That cut me like swords

She even poured hot sludge
"You are a hopeless judge
You don’t shift perspective
And often so invective

You run a memory train
Full of so much vain
It’s not quite so strange
That you do not ever change

Please don’t imagine things
Adding a pair of wings
To anything that springs
In your mind the size of king’s

Or let’s go separate ways
Seeking happiness rays
I can’t handle this trauma
Don’t think it’s my drama"

Was a hello too much to ask
Or did I uncover a mask
What was my actual fault
To face this assault

With these trends
We ended up at opposite ends
Of a street that pretends
To link two old friends

Feeling hurt of some sort
I cut the conversation short
I knew it was a torn cloth
Yet I wished her a primrose path.

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