Thursday, 19 March 2015

A trip of many firsts

I am in Melbourne, Australia. Came here for a business trip – just for four days. I was thinking about this trip and realized that this is a trip of many firsts.

It is the first time that I
  • … had to travel abroad pretty much unplanned – at the drop of a hat, you can say though none of us wear hats now a days.
  • … traveled unplanned out of a planned trip. 
  • ... traveled with Malaysian Airlines. I was feeling a bit odd about the flight MH199 – must be recent news related to Malaysian Airlines. But it turned out to be a smooth flight.
  • ... was served something that I asked for that was not available. I asked for tomato juice. It was not available. So I was given orange juice. After about two hours, the air-hostess handed me a cup of tomato juice and smiled. And we tip those who don't deserve it. 
  • ... traveled via Kuala Lumpur
  • ... traveled via Malaysia - truly Asia?
  • ... was served the smallest quantity in the largest container!! It was not as worst as serving a single pea nut in a bucket. But a bit similar. I asked for something vegetarian to eat at a noodle shop. I went there as I had work to do on my laptop. That noodle shop was the only empty one. Vegetable Soup was the only thing I could eat - so I ordered. It was delivered in the deepest, widest bowl I have seen! In India, we would have called it anything else but a bowl.
  • ... have traveled to Australia
  • ... saw from air end of the ocean and beginning of land
  • ... cleared immigration in under 10 seconds. He saw, he opened and he stamped my passport. No questions asked. No eye contact. No verification. No response. Of course no smile.
  • ... have crossed the equator and stepped into southern hemisphere. 
  • ... have reached both southernmost and easternmost point of my travels.
  • ... am watching cricket in a non-home country. I have watched cricket at Bengaluru, Bristol and Cardiff. Both were my home countries. In fact, it is the first time I have watched cricket in a place where I have not lived.
  • ... have blogged from the middle of a cricket match
  • ... was working while watching a live one day cricket match
Hmm ... who cares for such details! I do. Or I did. For a while, at least.


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